What is Fulfillment Business?

Fulfillment business is a ready-to-ship warehouse service for online stores by storing goods, pack the product when receiving the order, delivery to customers for sellers who are not comfortable stocking goods or have no enough time to pack and ship by themselve. Fulfillment is a comprehensive back-office service suitable for online trading business or E-Commerce business.

How does Fulfillment important in today’s business?

The highlight of Fulfillment business is answering to e-commerce business. Nowadays, E-commerce, also known as online trading, is growing rapidly. Therefore, the store must find a way to support the needs of the customers when orders come through multiple channels. So, having a support service like Fulfillment is a highly efficient service. It works in steps and simplifies the way merchants go through online shopping. But the Fulfillment business is not the answer to every online business. If you are a small business or just starting out, there are few orders each day, and may not be suitable to use Fulfillment service because it may increase the cost for the business. Fulfillment is suitable for merchants who have started business for a while, and with a large customer base and many orders, using Fulfillment services can reduce costs and save more time.

How many steps for fulfillment service?

Fulfillment has 3 working steps.
1. “Store”
to store goods by renting space in the warehouse users can track goods through the online warehouse system, inventory check, reduce storage problems. Users don’t need to worry about insufficient storage space.
2. “Pack”
when there is an order from the customer. The service provider will add the order through fulfillment system, then check the order in the system and picking goods in the warehouse pack into packaging and prepare for delivery to customers.
3. “Ship”
The service provider will deliver the goods to the customer’s address which will be sorted according to delivery channels such as Thailand Post, Kerry DHL, Cash on Delivery (COD), etc. Then update the delivery status through the online warehouse system so the users can track the delivery of the customer.

Advantages of Fulfillment with Online Stores

1. No need to invest in long-term warehouse rental
Fulfillment service will eliminate the need to rent a warehouse in the long term. There are no contractual obligations in the event of the user’s business closure.
2. Save time
No need to waste time checking stock, packing goods or traveling to deliver goods. including the cost of transportation to deliver the goods This allows users to have more time to focus on selling or developing their business to grow.
3. Reduce the problem of employees
Help users reduce the cost of hiring employees such as employee for stock checking, answer online customers, packing and shipping.
4. Support more orders
When the user’s business grows, they don’t have to worry about not having enough storage space and don’t have to worry about manpower to pack goods. This makes it possible to receive more orders from customers than before.

Fulfillment by Lynxgistics

Our company has a warehouse of 5,000 square meters, located at Bang Plee District, Samut Prakan Province. Providing general storage services to customers. In addition, our company has used a high quality warehouse management program (WMS) or Warehouse Management System for use in warehouse management and distribution as well. Our warehouse has a professional team to prepare and pack goods of each order efficiently which can be ordered to pack immediately after an order has come in precisely and quickly.